Using Big Data to Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

Venture Beat posted a great article, “5 Ways Companies are Using Big Data to Help Their Customers which depicts how big data allows brands to create more personalized and long-term relationships with their customers.

As customers we crave a more personalized experience and companies that invest in big data from a variety of global sources have a significant opportunity to create stronger, more serious relationships with their customers.

Venture Beat’s five points identifying why companies are using big data are spot on with what we at Socialgist see and hear every day from our customers.

a. Predict exactly what customer’s want before they ask for it.
b. Get customers excited about their own data
c. Improve customer service interactions
d. Identify customer pain points and solve them

Brands are more interested in big data today because the value of understanding the ongoing conversations in the global social ecosystem is finally much more clear, a more personalize and long-term customer relationship.

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