The Social Matchup

After years of big numbers, social media growth in the U.S. has started to plateau. Not a total surprise as we expected at some point growth would steady or even out because most Americans are already signed on to social networks, but internationally there is a totally different story. India, Indonesia, China, Latin America and Russia saw from 51.7% to 16.1% growth in social media users (via Ryan Holmes,, these numbers are substantial and the social platforms on which they are signing up are key to our customers. Why?

At some point all of these new social media users will create or engage in new conversations and the question will be who gets it…We understand the significance of what is going on internationally, we’ve been set up to be international for a long time and that is why we get it.

Let’s focus on China for a second, so what is the real difference between Twitter and the Weibos, well here check out these stats…

In 2006 Twitter was launched and today has 500 million registered users.
In 2010 Tencent Weibo was launched and today has 469 million registered users.

In 2009 Sina Weibo was launched and today has 368 million registered users.

With Twitter and Facebook banned in China and the decline of users signing up for Facebook overall internationally the social media content is no longer as simple. The industry of social listening is changing and now it is a question of who is prepared.

The good news is that We Get It!

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