Spark controlled traffic signal, A system status indicator for the whole office

At we process hundreds of millions of social media messages everyday using hundreds of OpenStack virtual machines in our private cloud.

We use Zabbix to monitor the VMs and send alerts to select unfortunate employees via OpsGenie. We wanted a way to let everyone in the office know how things were going so it only made sense to get a traffic signal from craigslist and wire it up to a Spark Core. Yes we are pretty creative here!

It was quite easy to rewire the traffic signal to a relay shield. We wrote a simple program with a single function change lights ([red,yellow,green]) and flashed the core. We then wrote a java program that polled the Zabbix api and made the appropriate call to the Spark cloud API:

Green: all good

Yellow: Unacknowledged warning(s)

Red: Unacknowledged high alerts(s)

We used the Spark Core with an external antenna because it looks way cooler with the big antenna sticking out the back of the signal.

You can see blog posts for other Spark Core projects at:

We continue to always invest creatively and traditionally in our infrastructure to be the best at what we do. Interested in learning more about us email

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