REST or RESTful APIs are a popular and efficient way to receive data. Clients filter their data with search terms and receive all uses of those terms from their selected sources at the frequency they require.

Socialgist takes the precious data from major sources like Weibo, Reddit, and YouTube and delivers it to our clients when they want it, in any form they desire.

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Our state-of-the-art streaming technology is also called Persistent Query or “PQ.” A filtered search like REST APIs, PQ brings you a nonstop stream of the selected data, so you receive a high-resolution picture of posts on your desired topics.

Full Feeds

Want it all? We offer full feeds from any of our contracted data sources. Get both the specific information you need and all available context in a nonstop flow of nearly real-time information. Full feeds make sure you never miss a single insight, developing the clearest and most complete picture of your brand’s identity on social media.

Custom Solutions

Want to monitor only specific pages on specific social media websites? We can create a custom feed for you so you get everything you need from specific pages and monitor changes as they happen.

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