Socialgist Continues to Grow Access to Content Sources By Partnering with StockTwits

Socialgist, a leading global provider of social media data with the most diverse collection of social media sources in the industry, announced today its partnership with the financial communications platform StockTwits.

StockTwits organizes information around stocks and financial markets from their hundreds of thousands of financial professional and enthusiast users, which creates a tremendous amount of relevant and valuable data from more than 65K posts per day and growing. The partnership with Socialgist will enable, for the first time, global brands to have access to the StockTwits data through the Socialgist Consumer Portal.

“The StockTwits streams are the new ticker tape – providing new forms of insight, ideas and information that are used by investors, analysts, media and others as they research stocks and manage their investments,” notes StockTwits President, Justin Paterno. “We know the value of our streams and the content they produce, so we sought to find the right partner to create access to our content for global brands. Socialgist has long-proven their ability to manage substantial amounts of data coming in and deliver it effectively to their customers, therefore we couldn’t be more excited to see this partnership come together.”

Socialgist President Darren Kelly says, “Our customers look to Socialgist to provide their global brands with the most well-rounded, valuable content created in social media. Through our research it was clear that when it comes to financial communications in social media, StockTwits is the must-have content source. We are very excited to grant our customers and their brands access to such a valued social media platform.”

Today, more than 1 million investors, market professionals and public companies consume and share information and ideas about the market and individual stocks using StockTwits. This produces streams that are viewed by an audience of over 40 million across the financial web and social media sites. In just the first weeks of Socialgist assessing the social data produced by StockTwits, it was clear that there was substantiated value and quantity of content produced on the platform.

  • 65K+ posts per day
  • 60% are statuses and 40% are replies
  • 88% of those are in English
  • 61% contain a cashtag

The value of the StockTwits platform is clear, and the Socialgist customers are eager to benefit from this new partnership and the insights it will create.

About Socialgist

Socialgist, the leading global provider of social media data including Chinese Microblogging platform Sina Weibo, supports the largest users of social media data in the world, including enterprise-class social media listening applications, business intelligence algorithms, and predictive models for finance and research. Socialgist provides two core services, sourcing of specific social media data sources and data management. Socialgist secures and manages social data for the largest companies and largest brands in the world, so they don’t have to. Their customers not only include both global brands, but also the most diverse collection of Social Media sources in the industry. For more information visit, follow us @socialgistcorp or email

About StockTwits

StockTwits® is the largest social network for investors and traders. The company was founded in 2008 by long-time investor Howard Lindzon. StockTwits created the $TICKER tag to enable and organize “streams” of information around stocks and markets across the web and social media. These streams provide new forms of insight, ideas and information that are used by investors, analysts, media and others as they research stocks and manage their investments.

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