Investments in Social Data are Healthier Than Ever

Today marked yet another milestone for the Social Data industry as Twitter has agreed to acquire Boulder. CO based social data provider Gnip, Inc.

It is well known that being able to analyze the global conversation in the social ecosystem has become a big business and so it was no surprise that Twitter is increasing its role in providing these services themselves direct to advertisers.

Our squad at Socialgist could not be happier for the team and the investors at Gnip, they’ve played an integral part in creating a valuable business for the social data industry. This acquisition just further validates our industry and creates more unique opportunities for other social platforms in the ecosystem to get on the pie chart.

The industry is hot and Socialgist is excited about where it is headed. We know the next few days, weeks and months are going to be very exciting for Gnip. Maybe even more exciting for the industry as whole thanks to this Gnip and Twitter partnership. The acquisition will certainly help generate more buzz about the business value of the social data industry, which is a win for all that occupy and operate in this space.

Again, big Congrats to Gnip!

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