Get Used to Hearing About “Weibo”

Sina Weibo has 130,000 registered brands on their platform. Yes…130,000 brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Durex and LVMH to name a few.

So what? Well, this indicates a massive interest on behalf of global brands regarding what’s going on Sina and in China in general. Again there are 130,000 global brands registered on Sina, that is a lot bigger than 12.

As a business the key to Weibo is understanding the quality of followers and participants. Think of it like twitter, there are a lot of fake and spam accounts but that count as followers and participants. At Socialgist we focus on the quality of accounts by assisting our customers to get through the spam and provide profile information that help customers get to quality Weibo users.

Check out the article ….Socialgist is your Weibo solution.

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