• Real Time? OK!

    Of course you want every post written on any social media network in the world to arrive in milliseconds, neatly categorized and ready for processing. We get it and we do it. The reality is that we strive to achieve "as near as  real-time as possible". For some data sources, it really is measured in seconds. For others, there can be a lag. But Socialgist is not a one-size fits-all company, so we invite users to challenge us. We build custom solutions for users with specific needs because not everyone has the same needs, We Get It!

  • Don't Miss a Post!

    The worst thing that can happen to a monitoring application is getting a call from a user demanding why that post showing the CEO in a speedo isn't showing up. That is why it is crucial to have the full breadth of social data sources included in your data platform. From long-tail to short-tail, it is all relevant. Trust us, We Get It!