• Get Conversations

    A unique part of our index is the fact we monitor conversations. Most social media conversations are just that - conversations. The back-and-forth interactions between people are the core of what adds context to an otherwise innocuous comment.   A single post "That sucks" doesn't mean much on its own, but when you can assess it as part of a larger conversation about a product, a brand, a company or a stock, you get a clearer picture. People chat with others socially online the same way that they chat with people offline. We know, we've been listening for a while...We Get It!

  • Get History

    We keep our indexes for years. We've been told our social media data repository is the oldest, most complete history of social conversations on the planet. Business Intelligence solutions help you understand what's happening with data behind your firewall and make business decisions. If you want to dig deep for trends, patterns or correlations, let us know because adding the social data will create better insight to make more intelligent decisions. So, we have the content, let us help you get it.