• Query-based REST API Access

    We keep a vast historical index of our social media data, which allows our users to simply search for the data they need. We use leading-edge search technology to allow our clients to build query-based API solutions. Any of this sound familiar? I don’t want to and can’t afford to store data and index it. I need to search history immediately, and can't afford to wait a week. I need ad hoc queries for new topics. I want one search query for all types of social data. I want to pay for just the data I need. I need a full data management service.

  • Full Feed Access

    So you want Big Data? Big Social Data? If you want full feeds of any of our data sources, We Get It! Does this sound like you? I can store & index my own data. I don’t store data at all. I don’t need historical access. I will maintain my own historical access. I don’t need to query new topics very often. I have $$ for the infrastructure required to handle feeds. I have the team to normalize different feeds from different sources.

Do you prefer streaming data? We offer industrial-grade boolean filters to refine streams of data based on your persistent queries. In fact, we call this service "PQ". PQ access comes with a robust data management portal that gives you full control of your streams, and allows you to quickly slice and dice to create accurate data reports.