Advice from the Best in the Business

We don't just license data. We help our users design a social data strategy because they don't have the time or resources to do it. We've helped answer all the tough questions for our users for years and they trust us because We Get It!

Do you need real-time data? Do you care about the flow of data per minute, or per month? Do you often find the need to look back in time to see trends or specific events? Or are you only concerned with what will happen in the future? Do you need dozens of requests per second? or 10,000 per second? Are you worried about making sure your content is licensed?

  • Collect and Index It

    It all starts with identifying and indexing the social media data you need. First we help our users identify the sources they need and build programs to help them continuously identify new sources that emerge. Our infrastructure is built to handle multiple methods of discovery and run out of our own data centers (no AWS - sorry Amazon!). We also detect, index and classify over 40 different languages and turn unstructured social data mayhem into structured social bliss.

  • Configure, Don't Build

    Not all social media data is created equally. And not all social data is relevant to everyone. So we built our social data management platform to be highly configurable. Our users can easily pick & choose the data they need. We handle ID tracking across multiple social media networks and the links to each related conversation. We give our users "one pipe" to manage all their social data needs.

  • Compliance Made Simple

    There are lots and lots of rules for Socialgist to communicate to our users when accessing and using social media data. Don't worry though, we make it easy for you to follow the terms of service established by our social media data partners in order to stay compliant. Through either a customized API or a specialized compliance feed our users can understand and react in real time through a private dashboard to ensure that they are always in full compliance with our partners.  We know how to comply, We Get It!

  • Manage, We Get It

    You might think "plug in a firehose" is all it takes to manage social media data. But after 12 years we've figured out that you need tools to manage it. For example, adding annotation, spam-detection & white-listing of each source is important. We have built controls around each of our content sources and controls over data leakage protects. We continue to build new ways to track usage. And of course, you get to count, sort and filter by data type and other useful meta-data in order to enable reporting.