• Primp Your Data

    If your content is part of Socialgist, we will structure the data in a way that the social media eco-system can absorb and understand. The easier it is for big brands to see your data, the more relevant your site will be. A major reason content owners miss out on opportunities is that their data is hard to ingest, hard to parse and hard to align with the myriad of other social data sources that companies care about. One of our specialties is the ability to add structure and scale to the unstructured and messy social media world. We Get It!

  • Get Connected

    Does it drive you nuts that your community has hundreds of coherent conversations and yet all you hear about is what someone said on Twitter or Facebook? Yeah, we get it and we can help you. We just need to get you connected. Socialgist is plugged into virtually every provider in the world, so if your content is part of our inventory it will be top-of-mind and relevant to the decision makers who spend money with you. If the analytics, business intelligence & CRM apps can see how your users are reacting to the media around them, they will make any effort to build you into their marketing campaign plans, their ad budgets, and their CRM solutions. See how we did that? Yup, We Get it!