• Message Boards

    Message boards and forums are the oldest form of social media. While friend-based communities come and go, topical communities persist because enthusiasts love in-depth discussions about the things they care about. Forums are the best source of brand and product trends.

  • Blogs

    Old school? Sure. Still relevant? You betcha. Blogging platforms still offer the most robust long-form sources of consumer feedback on the Internet. Our spam-free white-list of sources has been curated over 12 years.

  • Youtube & Social Video

    Over a period of years, one-by-one, we have created a white-list of social video sources which has grown into the largest spam-free source of social video in the world. We make it easy to mine this hard-to-get content, which is often associated with huge numbers of consumer page-views.

  • Weibo

    Vast numbers of users on Twitter-like Weibo create huge volumes of posts, many of which feature global brands. We are the exclusive data provisioning provider of Weibo data outside of China.

  • Online News

    While technically not "social data", news articles are often ground-zero for the beginning of a viral response in social media. We offer a complete library of real-time news sources on our platform.

  • Reviews

    Reviews are likely the most poignant form of social data feedback for brands and companies, and are a rich source of information for assessing public sentiment.

  • Tencent News & Video

    User-generated posts from Tencent's news (qq.com), video (v.qq.com) and mobile (kuaibao.qq.com) properties. Many of these comments originate from Wechat users' mandatory news feeds.

  • Broadcast TV & Radio News Transcripts

    1000+ television channels from the top 210 American DMA's, 79 Spanish language stations and over 300 radio stations

  • 2Channel Japan

    Access to public interactions between friends and professionals on Japan's largest online community

  • Public API Management

    We've built a platform to help manage data retrieval from the world’s most popular public APIs including Youtube, Instagram, VKontakte and Google+. We offer our customers hassle free access to a direct API connection.

Bring your own Licensed Data

For many of our users, getting a license for Twitter and an API key for their Facebook page isn't enough, it doesn't resolve their social media data issues. Once they have the data it still needs to be collected and managed, We Get It! So give us your tired, your poor, your huddled Tweets and Facebook status updates and we will manage them. We can even help our users work through getting that licensed content because We Get It!

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