Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Remember what happened to Meerkat when Twitter announced the acquisition of a competitor at SXSW? It was not just a sign of the times in technology but a clear reminder to all global brands, startups or established ones that you cannot be committed to just ONE source in order to make it as a company.

At Socialgist we speak at length to all of our customers about the importance of not relying on one social source for all your data, but rather considering all sources in order to have the most robust content when beginning analysis of a key topic that impacts your business. Our business model was based on access to all social networks as possible, not just one.

Even when it came to Chinese social content, Socialgist was able to announce the first official partnership with Weibo but we knew we couldn’t full stop there for all Chinese social content. Rather we worked to partner for access to all the sources that the Chinese culture used to communicate publicly.

This created a greater value for us in the marketplace because not one single source made up our business.

This relates to an article today that was posted on, read it here, but specifically related to Inside Sales.

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