Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Remember what happened to Meerkat when Twitter announced the acquisition of a competitor at SXSW? It was not just a sign of the times in technology but a clear reminder to all global brands, startups or established … More

Using Big Data to Build Long-Term Customer Relationships

Venture Beat posted a great article, “5 Ways Companies are Using Big Data to Help Their Customers” which depicts how big data allows brands to create more personalized and long-term relationships with their customers…. More

Twitter Confirms the Value of Social Data for Businesses

In the past 8 months Twitter has made two substantial acquisitions, most recently Boulder based company Gnip, Inc and just months earlier in September ad exchange marketplace MoPub.

Why is this important for Socialgist?… More

Investments in Social Data are Healthier Than Ever

Today marked yet another milestone for the Social Data industry as Twitter has agreed to acquire Boulder. CO based social data provider Gnip, Inc.

It is well known that being able to analyze the global conversation in… More

Get Used to Hearing About “Weibo”

Sina Weibo has 130,000 registered brands on their platform. Yes…130,000 brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Durex and LVMH to name a few.

So what? Well, this indicates a massive interest on behalf of global … More

The Social Matchup

After years of big numbers, social media growth in the U.S. has started to plateau. Not a total surprise as we expected at some point growth would steady or even out because most Americans are already signed on to social… More

Get Down & Dirty in the Datacenter

OK. We admit it. We are nerds. But don’t blame us. A company’s culture is set by the guys at the top, right?

Here is proof that our execs are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients get the social… More